Photosynthesis rap lyrics

Seasons will pass you by The profundity of this and the next verse is simply breathtaking. They cannot be stopped. You will find the point of constancy, that which remains in the midst of all changes.

Photosynthesis rap lyrics

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Large size is often competitively advantageous but unobtainable by many animals because of constraints of basic body plan. Intrinsically small animals sometimes become large in the same way that protozoans evolved into metazoans: The most widely recognized forms of social behaviour, however, involve interaction within aggregations or groups of individuals.

Social behaviours, their adaptive value, and their underlying mechanisms are of primary interest to scientists in the fields of animal behaviourbehavioral ecology, evolutionary psychologyand biological anthropology. Biologists no longer believe that cooperative behaviours necessarily evolve for the good of the species.

Instead, they believe that the unit of natural selection is usually the individual and that social behaviour is fraught with competition.

Once genetics was integrated into this concept of evolution, it became apparent that such individuals will transmit the most copies of their genes to future generations. For example, friendly interactions among children on a playground can quickly dissolve into fierce competition if there are too few balls or swings.

Photosynthesis rap lyrics

In addition, intense competitive interactions resulting in bodily harm can occur even among family members. The modern view of social behaviour is that it is a product of the competing interests of the individuals involved.

Individuals evolve the capacity to behave selfishly and to cooperate or compete when it benefits them to do so. A delicate balance of cooperative and competitive behaviours is thus expected to characterize animal societies.

Categorizing the diversity of social behaviour Social behaviour encompasses a wide variety of interactions, from temporary feeding aggregations or mating swarms to multigenerational family groups with cooperative brood care. Over the years, there have been many attempts to classify the diversity of social interactions and understand the evolutionary progression of social behaviour.

A small group of European bison Bison bonasus grazing near the mountains.

General characteristics

Wilson —developed a categorization of sociality following two routes, called the parasocial sequence and the subsocial sequence. This classification is based primarily on the involvement of insect parents with their young, whereas classifications of vertebrate sociality are frequently based on spacing behaviour or mating system.

In the parasocial sequence, adults of the same generation assist one another to varying degrees. At one end of the spectrum are females of communal species; these females cooperate in nest construction but rear their broods separately. In quasisocial species, broods are attended cooperatively, and each female may still reproduce.

Semisocial species also practice cooperative brood care, but they possess within the colony a worker caste of individuals that never reproduce. Eusocial species typically engage in cooperative brood care; in addition, they have distinct castes that perform different functions and an overlap of generations within the colony.

The subsocial sequence, the alternate route to eusociality, involves increasingly close association between females and their offspring.Purple is a color intermediate between blue and red. It is similar to violet, but unlike violet, which is a spectral color with its own wavelength on the visible spectrum of light, purple is a composite color made by combining red and blue.

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