An analysis of the story sonnys blues by james baldwin

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An analysis of the story sonnys blues by james baldwin

The story of the brothers who make very different choices in life is a portrait of their struggle to deal with their own internal and external conflicts. Over many struggles, it's suggested at the end of the story that the two black brothers will ultimately reconcile their love and trust in one another - and in themselves.

The story is not just about the two brothers judging each other but it is also about them judging themselves and coming to a reckoning with who they are.

Sonny's Blues Quotes by James Baldwin

Elaine goes on to write, Returning to the house, he again senses the impending danger that self- knowledge brings, and Baldwin has him reiterate his avowed purpose: When Sonny's brother loses himself in reminiscence, Baldwin, in a classic dialogue of non-communication, reveals the true relationship that exists between the brothers.

I speculate this story is something of a thematic adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I believe the brothers' conflicts not only exist because of where they were born, and the family that they were brought into and its past but also from each other as they each choose starkly different paths in life.

The elder brother narrates the story and is the most conservative of the two. While he chooses a safer and wiser path through life, I believe he subconsciously carries a grudge against his brother because he is jealous for not having "lived" or experienced life more on the edge like his younger brother did through his vicarious music career.

The younger of the two brothers follows his heart with his career choice but also pays a greater price in life for not being able to think more with his head. Maybe it's better to do something to give it a reason, any reason.


Isn't it better, then, just to — take it? You're just hung up on the way some people try — it's not your way! The dialogue reveals a fundamental agreement that they like everyone else suffer.

An analysis of the story sonnys blues by james baldwin

It takes place in a bar where the elder son has gone to see Sonny perform - after Sonny has spent time in jail for a drug conviction. The long-lasting narrative of criticism that comes from his elder brother throughout the story finally transforms as he watches his brother play that evening.

The final line of the story offers a simile that hints at the epiphany the elder brother is experiencing — but its biblical context must also be understood. This allusion to the lords removal of "The cup of trembling, Sonny has achieved his full "freedom. How Sonny and his brother attempt to balance their own lives and their views of each other between their collective excesses and deficiencies is somewhat obscure through all the details of the story - but it is there.

Works Cited Mays, Kelly J. The Norton Introduction to Literature. Annotated Bibliography Mays, Kelly J. It is a story about two black brothers who grow up in Harlem, New York. Pages This is another short article that skims over some relevant points for my essay.Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin.

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Short Story Review — Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin | thinkinginjazz

Write the essay based on James Baldwin’s story “Sonny’s Blues” and using the tools of literary analysis at your disposal so far, to analyze either plot or narration/point of view in that story. Mar 09,  · Sparknotes Sonny S Blues.

Posted on March 09, by Angel 86 out of based on user ratings. Analysis of James Baldwin’s Short Story Duration: ~ Size: MB ~ Bitrate: kbps. Download Watch. Understanding Sonny's Blues Short Story Analysis "Going to Meet the Man" By: Debrawn M Wagner Duration: ~ Size.

Sonny’s Blues – James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues” was one of Baldwin’s earliest short stories. Originally published in , “Sonny’s Blues” follows the narrator as he discovers who his drug-addicted, piano-playing younger brother, Sonny, truly is.

In “The Jazz Harmonies of Connection and Disconnection in ‘Sonny’s Blues’,” Susanna Lee explains that drugs, as described in James Baldwin’s story, “compromise emotional presence long before they dismantle practical functioning.

“Sonny’s Blues”, written by James Baldwin, was first published in in Partisan Review and was later published again by Baldwin in a collection of short stories called Going to Meet the. Sonny's Blues Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin was a short story where the narrator tells the story about the relationship he had with his brother, Sonny, and himself growing up in the streets of Harlem.

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